Things You Need To Know About Recharging the AC System Gas

The air conditioning unit like the central air conditioners has a prime duty to keep the temperature of the place cool, and if it is not working well, perhaps it was due to the size of the place or some defects. We heard advises on proper maintenance and cleaning of the vital parts of the air conditioner but did you know that the refrigerant also needs to be recharged?

In a real sense, when we talk about recharging the air conditioning gas system we mean refilling the system with refrigerant. This happens. The air conditioning unit utilizes refrigerant to sip out the warmth of the air and transmit the air to the compressor but if the level of refrigerant is very low then transferring of heat is not possible and it needs a professional HVAC technician to do this as this can be dangerous if not properly done.

Questions Regarding The Recharge Of AC System Gas:

Below are some questions you might have in your mind. We did you some effort to clear those queries and doubts, so check them out:

  1. Do I need to recharge the air conditioning system gas?

Apparently, the air conditioning unit was created with refrigerant that could last its lifetime or more, but sometimes, leaks will make it insufficient. That is why when an air conditioning technician inspects the system and would tell that there are leaks, then possibly some of the refrigerants of the air conditioning unit had already leaked out.

  1. What are the signs that your air conditioning unit needs a recharge?

If you notice that the vents of the AC are fanning room air temperature, then there is a big potential that you need to recharge it. The main reason for this might be a damaged thermostat where one can feel humidity even if the air conditioning unit is working.

  1. My air conditioning unit builds ice on it; do you think I need to recharge the AC system gas?

Definitely. The answer to this question is yes. One of the reasons why there is frost on the air conditioning unit is when the refrigerant is already at a low level due to some leak, and the pipe could not transmit the air to the system, and it will form ice or frost around the system.

  1. How did that happen if I regularly call for maintenance and inspection for my air conditioner?

The regular check-ups and maintenance will only detect the early signs or symptoms of the air conditioner, but there are instances that worn out and damage is brought by some other factors so you should not be skeptical when an HVAC technician tells that your AC needs a recharge.

  1. Is the leaks only reason for the air conditioning unit to be recharged?

No, though leaks can be the number one reason why air conditioners need recharge there are certain instances that an air conditioner needs recharge because of the manufacturing quality. If your air conditioning unit is still new and you already had seen leaks, you can call the dealer or makers of the AC and report them the problem of the system. Leaks are most likely to happen only with AC unit that aged between ten to twenty years old.

  1. Is recharging the gas system of the air conditioning unit a prudent decision? Or it is wiser to replace the AC unit?

Whatever the causes of the leaks, you need replacement either for some parts of the air conditioning unit or the whole unit itself. The answer to that will depend whether how big is the damage and the cost of expenses to get it fixed again. Sometimes it is good to recharge the gas system of the air conditioning unit, and sometimes it is best to buy new AC unit.

It might be difficult to trust the words or advise of the HVAC technician alone because at the back of our minds we knew that they are also protecting their interests. But the best advice we can give you in deciding whether to replace or recharge the AC system gas is to check if the leak is small. Is it is just small then it is wise to have it recharge as the damage may just cost little for repair? Otherwise, you need to ask estimated cost so that you get clear calculations on how much you have to spend to fix your AC. Find our more at aircon spare part singapore.


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