Main Reasons For A Leaking Air Conditioner

If the air conditioning unit in your home or office is leaking water, it may be due to a number of reasons. It is important that you get the water leakage fixed immediately as it may not only damage the air conditioner but also cause other issues in your home. Follow the tips mentioned below in order to figure out the source of water leakage in an air conditioner.

One of the most common reasons for a leaking air-conditioner is a clogged drain line. Drain line refers to the pipe linking the overflow pan in the air-conditioner to the main drainage pipe or to the outside. This drain line may become clogged due to a variety of reasons. Therefore, the first thing you need to check when you are checking your air conditioner for leakage is the drain line. If the air-conditioner isn’t installed properly, it may lead to water leakage from the front. If that is the case, you will need to call a technician and get the air-conditioner installed in the correct manner. If there is no water leakage from the front, it may be due to some kind of dirt or debris in the drain pipe.

Another common reason for aircon leak water is a damaged overflow pan. It is located underneath your air-conditioner unit and if this pan is damaged, the water stored in the pan will spill out. So, if the drain pipe is clear and you are unable to find any other issue, you should check the overflow pan. Take a close look at each corner of the pan and make sure that there aren’t any cracks or holes in the pan. If you discover a small hole, you can fix it with epoxy but if there are bigger holes or cracks, it is recommended to replace the entire pan.

Experts recommend changing the air filter in your air-conditioner unit each month to ensure that you are always breathing clean air. Dirty air filters can cause a lot of problems but you also need to understand that it may lead to water leakage from the air-conditioner. If the air filter is not clear, it impedes the airflow. This usually leads to evaporator coils in your air-conditioner unit becoming too cold and that may cause the coils to freeze over. If the coils in your air-conditioner freeze, it will lead to formation of ice inside the unit and when this ice melts, it will lead to water leakage.

It is important for you to keep in mind that the coils in air-conditioner unit might freeze due to a variety of reasons but more often than not, it happens due to a dirty air filter. So, do not forget to check your air filter after checking the drain pipe and the overflow pan to figure out the source of leakage in the air-conditioner.

If the air-conditioner isn’t installed properly, it may also lead to water leakage. If you have checked all the above mentioned things and are still unable to find the source of water leakage, it is most likely due to incorrect installation. If the air-conditioner is not level, the drain pipe won’t work correctly and it may lead to water leakage. Similarly, there are many other issues that may lead to water leakage due to incorrect installation of the air-conditioner unit.

Overall, these are some of the main reasons for any air-conditioner to leak water. Whenever you discover water leaking from the air-conditioner, it is important that you give a call to an experienced technician to take care of the issue. Do not wait for too long as a small problem may turn into a much bigger issue if not fixed on time. Fpr more information, you can visit

3 Effective Tips for Finding a Professional Plumber That You Should Know

Plumbers usually come in two categories, a professional one, and an amateur one. Among these two categories, all people would always like to choose the professional plumbing service because of the reason that they possess great and outstanding characteristics which sets them apart from the amateurs. Also, determining if a singapore plumber is a professional and not an amateur one is not that hard and difficult, especially if you learn these effective tips which are shown on the list below.

Here is the list of the effective tips you have to know so that you can be certain that you have found and hired a plumber who is professional.

  1. Look for a License or Certification

The first effective tip that you should follow is to look if the professional plumber has a license or certification. These are the things that will indicate that he is really a professional one and is qualified to do any plumbing jobs. A certificate usually shows that the professional plumber has finished different plumbing courses and training while a license shows that he achieved the level of being a professional. So, if your chosen plumber owns both or one of these things, you can assure yourself that you found and hired the professional that you need.

  1. Check the Track Record

Another effective tip is that you should check the track record of the professional plumber. As you all know, being a professional plumber means that he has established a good reputation and track record in the industry. With this, you can expect that he is competent and skilled in doing his jobs. It also shows that all of his clients are happy and satisfied with his plumbing services. Therefore, you can also expect that there are no problems and issues which you might need to deal. A good reputation and track record are labels that always connected to all professional plumbers.

  1. Ask For the Advice of Others

It is not bad to also ask for the advice and opinions of other people such as relatives, friends or even neighbors with regards to this problem. There is a big chance that they also encounter this kind of problem in the past, meaning they can help you to overcome this problem just like what they did. They can share with you some ideas and refer the professional plumbers that they hired. By doing this, you will get the chance to have a huge selection of professional plumbers that you can choose. In addition to that, you can also be assured that these professional plumbers are the best choices among of all since that they are trusted and referred by your loved ones and acquaintances.

To conclude, these effective tips will ensure that you will be able to find and hire a plumber who is a professional. If you still want to know some other tips about this topic, you can either talk with an expert or search it on the internet.

What’s the best thing about aircon chemical wash in Singapore?

Aircon chemical wash is now on trend that is commonly used by technicians and other aircon servicing companies in Singapore to clean and wash out dirt from its machine. This is believed to bring back your AC cooling performance and extend its durability. Aircon chemical wash is highly recommended especially in Singapore because unlike general AC servicing, aircon chemical wash is good in removing all of the dirt of the whole unit and aids in breaking the growth of any bacteria to cause damage to your AC. It could also bring much cleaner air and coolest air performance ever.

There are a lot of facts about what’s the best thing about aircon chemical wash in Singapore. First to mention is the service fees. Singapore has offered the most affordable AC chemical wash in town that suits to everybody’s budget and would definitely worth to spend with. Why I say so? Their technicians and service personnel are well-trained and all expert in chemical wash for they have been doing the job for years. They always boast to clients and potential customers that they have the best people in place to diagnose, clean and fix their AC problems.

Chemical cleaning in Singapore is not only the service they offer. Actually, there are lots that would certainly make their clients worry free if they are going to avail this chemical wash and the whole AC servicing as well. This AC cleaning service is known to extend its life and help save owner’s pockets in spending bucks for unceasing repair and maintenance.

Chemical washing or cleaning that AC servicing companies in Singapore offer brings a lot of advantages to AC owners. Servicing companies show transparency to its clients when it comes to the benefits chemical cleaning may bring. While doing the process, they also educate their clients on what they’re doing. They give some insights about the service and always remind them that too much dust or accumulation of dirt inside your AC could lead to sudden damage and poor functioning.

Replacing AC unit is really costly and no one bears the fact of just throwing it out if no longer useful. Basically, owners always try to find help to the servicing companies so they can minimize cost and maintain the value of their unit. Singapore has been known to have the experts in handling chemical wash price especially for AC concerns. They also offer personalized AC cleaning to meet their goal of producing happy clients with high customer satisfaction rate; of course, with the use of chemical cleaning.

Chemical wash may help AC owners manage their AC energy consumption rate too. Damaged, leaky and dirty AC may result to have high energy usage and could make your energy bills high. Singapore has the most effective service when it comes to AC chemical wash and other AC related services. Thus, no wonder they have been chosen as the best in aircon chemical wash and overall AC services.



Things You Need To Know About Recharging the AC System Gas

The air conditioning unit like the central air conditioners has a prime duty to keep the temperature of the place cool, and if it is not working well, perhaps it was due to the size of the place or some defects. We heard advises on proper maintenance and cleaning of the vital parts of the air conditioner but did you know that the refrigerant also needs to be recharged?

In a real sense, when we talk about recharging the air conditioning gas system we mean refilling the system with refrigerant. This happens. The air conditioning unit utilizes refrigerant to sip out the warmth of the air and transmit the air to the compressor but if the level of refrigerant is very low then transferring of heat is not possible and it needs a professional HVAC technician to do this as this can be dangerous if not properly done.

Questions Regarding The Recharge Of AC System Gas:

Below are some questions you might have in your mind. We did you some effort to clear those queries and doubts, so check them out:

  1. Do I need to recharge the air conditioning system gas?

Apparently, the air conditioning unit was created with refrigerant that could last its lifetime or more, but sometimes, leaks will make it insufficient. That is why when an air conditioning technician inspects the system and would tell that there are leaks, then possibly some of the refrigerants of the air conditioning unit had already leaked out.

  1. What are the signs that your air conditioning unit needs a recharge?

If you notice that the vents of the AC are fanning room air temperature, then there is a big potential that you need to recharge it. The main reason for this might be a damaged thermostat where one can feel humidity even if the air conditioning unit is working.

  1. My air conditioning unit builds ice on it; do you think I need to recharge the AC system gas?

Definitely. The answer to this question is yes. One of the reasons why there is frost on the air conditioning unit is when the refrigerant is already at a low level due to some leak, and the pipe could not transmit the air to the system, and it will form ice or frost around the system.

  1. How did that happen if I regularly call for maintenance and inspection for my air conditioner?

The regular check-ups and maintenance will only detect the early signs or symptoms of the air conditioner, but there are instances that worn out and damage is brought by some other factors so you should not be skeptical when an HVAC technician tells that your AC needs a recharge.

  1. Is the leaks only reason for the air conditioning unit to be recharged?

No, though leaks can be the number one reason why air conditioners need recharge there are certain instances that an air conditioner needs recharge because of the manufacturing quality. If your air conditioning unit is still new and you already had seen leaks, you can call the dealer or makers of the AC and report them the problem of the system. Leaks are most likely to happen only with AC unit that aged between ten to twenty years old.

  1. Is recharging the gas system of the air conditioning unit a prudent decision? Or it is wiser to replace the AC unit?

Whatever the causes of the leaks, you need replacement either for some parts of the air conditioning unit or the whole unit itself. The answer to that will depend whether how big is the damage and the cost of expenses to get it fixed again. Sometimes it is good to recharge the gas system of the air conditioning unit, and sometimes it is best to buy new AC unit.

It might be difficult to trust the words or advise of the HVAC technician alone because at the back of our minds we knew that they are also protecting their interests. But the best advice we can give you in deciding whether to replace or recharge the AC system gas is to check if the leak is small. Is it is just small then it is wise to have it recharge as the damage may just cost little for repair? Otherwise, you need to ask estimated cost so that you get clear calculations on how much you have to spend to fix your AC. Find our more at aircon spare part singapore.